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Key Endorsements for Whole Life Insurance

Our whole life insurance policies come with a variety of endorsements to enhance your coverage:

Accidental Death Benefit

Provides an additional death benefit if the insured’s death is accidental.

Waiver of Premium

Waives policy premiums if the insured becomes disabled and unable to work.

Living Benefits

Allows early access to a portion of the death benefit in the event of a terminal illness or specific medical condition.

Guaranteed Insurability

Enables the insured to purchase additional insurance coverage without further medical examination.

Application of Endorsements in
Real-Life Scenarios

Accidental Death Benefit Use

In the event of an accidental death, this endorsement ensures that the beneficiaries receive an increased payout, offering extra financial support during difficult times.

Waiver of Premium in Action

If the policyholder becomes disabled, this endorsement relieves the financial burden of premium payments while keeping the insurance benefits intact.

Utilizing Living Benefits

If diagnosed with a terminal illness, the policyholder can access funds from their policy to cover medical expenses, provide for their family, or fulfill personal wishes, easing financial pressures.

Exercising Guaranteed Insurability

The policyholder can increase coverage amounts after major life events, such as marriage or the birth of a child, without undergoing additional health screenings.

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Whole Life Insurance

It’s a permanent life insurance policy that provides coverage for the insured’s entire life, with a guaranteed death benefit and cash value component.

Whole life provides lifelong coverage with a cash value component, whereas term life offers coverage for a specific period.

It’s a savings element that accumulates over time and can be borrowed against or withdrawn under certain conditions.

Yes, premiums in whole life insurance are typically fixed and do not increase over time.

Yes, policyholders can borrow against the cash value of their whole life insurance policy, subject to terms and conditions.

It can be, as it offers a cash value component that grows tax-deferred and can be a stable investment vehicle.

The death benefit is determined at the inception of the policy and remains fixed throughout the policy’s duration.

Generally, the death benefit received by beneficiaries is not subject to income tax.

Yes, through endorsements like Guaranteed Insurability, you can increase coverage without additional medical exams.

If you surrender your policy, you’ll receive the accumulated cash value, minus any surrender fees and outstanding loans.