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Accidents are never expected but filing the claim can be intimidating and frustrating. We recommend our clients call or come into our office to file a claim on their insurance policy. We help them through the claims process to make it as quick and easy as possible.

Call our office or fill out the Contact Us Form and we will contact you about your claim.

Accident Claim Tips

  1. Make sure everyone is safe. After ensuring everyone is safe, remove yourself, family and/or pets from any danger. Example- in a car accident, move to a safe place on the shoulder of the road as far from oncoming cars as possible.
  2. Do everything possible to prevent further damage. Example- if you have a burst water line causing damage in your home immediately turn-off water to prevent more damage.
  3. Call the Police. Example- It is wise to get a police report if involved in a car accident to verify your claim if the other party denies fault.
  4. Do not admit fault. The insurance carriers will investigate and make the decision.
  5. Be patient. It may take time, but your insurance carrier wants to get you back to where you were before the incident and have a process that must be followed. Talk to your agent and or adjuster if you have questions.
  6. Be proactive. Talk to your agent to make sure you have the right coverage in place to protect you and your property.