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Understanding Valuable Items Insurance
and Homeowners Policy Limitation

While homeowners insurance offers some coverage for personal items, it often has limitations for high-value items.
Our valuable items insurance fills these gaps with:

Importance of Adequate Coverage for Valuables

Jewelry Theft

If an expensive piece of jewelry is stolen, a standard homeowners policy may only cover a fraction of its value. Valuable items insurance can cover the full amount.

Damaged Artwork

In case of accidental damage to a valuable piece of art, specialized insurance ensures that you can afford restoration or compensation for lost value.

Consequences of Underinsurance

Without adequate coverage, the loss or damage of a high-value collectible could lead to significant financial loss, as the reimbursement from a standard homeowners policy might be insufficient to cover its full value.

Top Discounts and Benefits on
Valuable Items Insurance

Don’t let your valuable possessions go unprotected

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Frequently Asked Questions About
Valuable Items Insurance

Insurance specifically designed to cover high-value personal items like jewelry, art, furs, and collectibles.

Standard homeowners policies have limits on coverage for certain types of high-value items.

It can cover a range of items including jewelry, fine art, antiques, firearms, silverware, and more.

It’s recommended to have your items professionally appraised to determine their current market value.

Yes, many policies offer all-risk coverage, which can include accidental damage.

The cost depends on the value of the items insured but is generally reasonable, especially considering the level of protection offered.

Yes, collections can often be insured as a whole, with specific valuations for each item.

Contact your insurer with the details of the loss or damage, along with any supporting documentation or appraisal.

Many policies provide worldwide coverage, but it’s important to confirm this with your insurer.

Regularly review and update your coverage, especially after new appraisals or significant changes in item value.