Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business insurance can be very complex and intimidating. We will help you understand each coverage and why it is important to your business. We offer General Liability, Business Owners Packages (BOP), Property, Commercial Auto, Worker Comp, Bonds, EPLI and many other policies. Every industry and every business has its own individual needs and intricacies. There is not a one size fits all package for all companies. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you have all the correct coverages. We will find Solutions to your insurance needs. Let us work on your insurance today so you can work on your business.

Workers compensation insurance is required by law to protect your employees from injuries sustained in the process of doing their job. Most states have hefty fines and penalties for not carrying Workers Comp Insurance, including jail time. Don’t make the mistake of operating without Workers Comp Insurance. Let us explain the options to you so you can operate your business.


There are many types of bonds like Construction Bonds, Sales Tax Bonds and Notary Bonds. Many city and state government agencies require bonds to open and operate different types on businesses. Without the bond you can be denied the proper license to open or even have your doors closed. We can help you get the bond you need so you can get your business going.

We have access to 100’s of Commercial Insurance Carriers from admitted to surplus to excess lines. Please call our office (702) 979-3299 or send us a short comment for more details and to start a quote.

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